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This is Homes for Herps, an animal rescue created for the purpose of rehabilitating and rehoming reptiles and amphibians. Although originally founded to adopt out only amphibians and reptiles we've since expanded to include furry, feathered, and finned friends as well. We currently operate in the heart of San Francisco, CA and own over twelve acres of land to accommodate for any creature that comes our way. Our team of 35 people are dedicated to providing the best husbandry for every animal that comes through here, guaranteeing complete 24 hour care everyday. We function a bit like an animal shelter meaning that you are welcome to walk through the rescue and interact with the creatures up for adoption There is no charge to surrender an animal to us, but the animal's history and any vet records are required as to know how to best provide for them. We will gladly accept donations no matter how big or small; everything helps. But most of all, please enjoy your stay.
-Baer Founder of Homes for Herps

Coiled Venomous Snake
Coiled Venomous Snake