Sullivan the African Dwarf Frog and Legal Manager

Hello, I am the African Dwarf Frog named Sullivan, but you can call me Sully. I live my entire life underwater, completely submerged. Around here I help keep the small fry businesses and companies from invading our space. I handle everything concerning copyrights, patents, and fair use. And yes, these images are public domain. I've been working at this company for about 6 years now even though my doctor said they'll be lucky to have me for 5. I have two wives; I'm truly living the American Dream.

Fuego Fuerte the Betta Fish and CEO

There should be no need for introductions here, but for all you air-dwellers I'm Fuego Fuerte. I founded this company and am its shining representative face. I'm by far the eldest and most handsome one here and I make all the decisions about expansion and what and who we should market to, not to mention being a paparazzi magnet. If you're a young female betta looking for someone to spend some time with then I'm your fish. HMU @ (***-***-****).

Rili the Cherry Shrimp and Janitor

Hey, I'm the under-paid cherry shrimp named Rili but called "Janitor". I clean up after these creatures all day, everyday. It's as if they were raised in an swamp. I oughta talk to their folks about that; I can't believe such behavior is still allowed. I'm sorry, I got off topic. I've been here for 2 years so far. Despite the mess I do love the company and its members. This is the closest family I've ever had.

Vincent the Fiddler Crab and Programmer

Oh, umm, hello? I'm Vincent. I'm this company's primary coder and programmer. I umm... don't really talk much so I don't know what to say. I've been working here with Fuego since founding. He's really cute nice. I spend a lot of time on everything he gives me, that's why it's so personal when someone tries to edit or change my code. He's really-- Hey! What are you doing!? I told you not to touch that; I've been working on it for days! What did you do?! There are almost 500 errors now! Sorry Sully, I'll finish my recording later.