Giant Crab Attacks Michigan!

Fiddler Crab Still on the Move!

On January 29th, 2019, a Marquette high schooler woke to find her fiddler crab's tank surprisingly crab free.I feared the worst, she said or at least I thought so. Although the fiddler crab had escaped from its enclosure it had not died: it had prospered! By feeding off of deli meats and unprepared pets, Wally, the name given to the crustacean, had grown 58 ft tall and 175 ft wide and in doing so had become a terror to Marquette. Until now the max length of a fiddler crab was believed to be 2 in wide; it seems this crab has broken both natural limits and buildings today.

It seems the monster has been heading towards the ore docks. claims a nuclear-crab expert. Local hunters and fishermen have been joining forces and pooling together their supplies to execute a planned attack on the crustacean. They have decided to line the edges of the ore docks with ladders, desks, and bags of fish bait. The blockades will force the animal to walk near the coal mine where the hunters and fishermen lie in wait with their weapons. However, another group of people will also wait by the coal mines: protesters. This group of scientists and wildlife preservers strongly oppose the killing of the crab and proclaim that as he had been taken from the waters so should he return.

Despite all of the destruction in the town; one bakery, two banks, a red church, and a blue furniture store, the person who feels the most loss is the former owner of Wally. I've had him since he was just a baby. I've given him food, water, shelter, and even mad him his own tuxedo. A tuxedo, complete with golden buttons. Her parent's share similar emotions, saying that he was the center of the family, the light of their lives. When asked if they would stand with the protestors or the hunters the family left no comment. The attack of the fiddler crab has wrung out great emotions from these Yoopers. Perhaps it proves that some creatures should never be taken as pets.
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